Insurance /Other

Standby Investigation UK - Insurance and Other Services

We can undertake various investigation work for the finance, legal, insurance, personal and business sector.



  • Insurance Claims Consultants

  • Insurance Claims Verification

  • Insurance Disability Claims

  • Insurance Unemployment Claims

  • Insurance Injury Claims

  • Insurance Accident Claims

  • Insurance Theft / Burglary Claims

  • Insurance Damage Claims

  • Civil Claims Investigations

  • Legal Claim Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Commercial Investigations

  • Private Investigations

Below is a list of other services that have been carried out by Standby Investigation. If you require a service that is not listed below, then please contact us with the details.

  • Liqour Licensing Monitoring

  • Property Checks

  • Property Photos and Valuations

  • Pre-Employment Vetting

  • Test Purchasing